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1 April 2005
Hiroshima Dome The Global Collaborative on
Denuclearization Design
to achieve and sustain Zero Nuclear Weapons
1st H-Bomb Test [1952]
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1st H-Bomb Test [1952]


1st H-Bomb Test [1952]
1st H-Bomb Test [1952]

MARCH 2005
1st H-Bomb Test [1952]

2005.03.28    Monday
Jimmy Carter published an op-ed piece in the Washington Post of 28 March 2005, widely disseminated. He wrote that “The United States is the major culprit in the erosion of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.”

•  Washington Post, 2005.03.28. .

APRIL 2005
1st H-Bomb Test [1952]

MAY 2005
1st H-Bomb Test [1952]

JUNE 2005
1st H-Bomb Test [1952]

JULY 2005
1st H-Bomb Test [1952]

1st H-Bomb Test [1952]
1st H-Bomb Test [1952]
1st H-Bomb Test [1952]
1st H-Bomb Test [1952]

1st H-Bomb Test [1952]
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Designing Denuclearization: The Quest for Secure Non-Nuclear Futures. Bruce D. Larkin.

GC.DD has released [3 November 2004] the preliminary version of Designing Denuclearization: The Quest for Secure Non-Nuclear Futures. The author, Bruce D. Larkin, is GC.DD Convenor and Director of Studies.

A book-length work (xxxvi + 423 pp.), Designing Denuclearization posits denuclearization design as a policy practice to create reasoned alternatives to the nuclearist status quo. The author explores and assesses the difficulties in reaching and sustaining a global ‘zero nuclear weapons’ regime.

This draft issues from an ongoing project, and is open to further refinement. Comment and critique is invited. Please address suggestions to Releases: [1] 3 November 2004. [2] 3 March 2005: corrects known typos throughout, and makes some changes of text, especially in §§ I.3, I.6, III.17 and V.3. This version may be freely downloaded for non-commercial personal or classroom use. It is available complete in two formats.

    Designing Denuclearization as an rtf file.
    Designing Denuclearization as a pdf file.


GC.DD 100 SECURITY, DISARMAMENT AND NONPROLIFERATION introduces issues in the management and abolition of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. It is divided into twenty topical sections. Wherever possible a hot-linked URL is provided, so that the user can bring up texts directly on the Net.

This syllabus is intended as a self-study guide, or a resource to complement a classroom lecture or seminar course on ‘weapons of mass destruction’. The emphasis is on nuclear weapons, but key measures concerning chemical and biological weapons are also considered. The syllabus is available in four formats, and may be freely copied for non-commercial personal or classroom use.

GC.DD 100 Syllabus as a doc file.
GC.DD 100 Syllabus as an html file.
GC.DD 100 Syllabus as a pdf file.
GC.DD 100 Syllabus as an rtf file.

Please let GC.DD know if you use or link to the GC.DD 100 Syllabus; and we welcome suggestions. Email to


GC.DD has posted two new Document & Study Guides. Each is a commented listing of key documents, usually with URLs which take the user to the documents’ full texts.

These first two Guides deal with the 2002-2003 decisions of the United Kingdom and United States to make war in Iraq. They may be freely copied for non-commercial personal or classroom use. Each is available as an rtf or pdf file.

Britain and the Iraq War 2003 as an rtf file.
Britain and the Iraq War 2003 as a pdf file.

The United States and the Iraq War 2003 as an rtf file.
The United States and the Iraq War 2003 as a pdf file.

Please let GC.DD know if you use or link to these GC.DD Guides; and we welcome suggestions. Email to

ACRONYM follows ongoing arms control and disarmament negotiations. Disarmament Diplomacy and Disarmament Documentation. Contents. [ACRONYM]
Arms Control Association [Washington] Arms Control Association: Arms Control Today
BASIC [British American Security Information Council] [London & Washington]
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace [New York] Non-Proliferation project.
Centre de Documentation et de Recherche sur la Paix et les Conflits[Lyon]. Damoclès [quarterly]
Center for Nonproliferation Studies. Monterey Institute of International Studies. [Monterey, California] Non-Proliferation Review. CNS/MIIS.
CIRPES [Paris]. CIRPES: Le Débat Stratégique. Monthly.
Global Beat Nuclear policy [Mark Hibbs’ review of events & news reports.]
National Security Archive[Washington] studies, many based on declassified US documents.
Natural Resources Defense Council [US] nuclear weapons and waste projects.
Nautilus Institute [Berkeley] specializes on Northeast Asia and nuclear policy. Nautilus: Nuclear Policy. Weekly. Most recent. or the Archive.
Nuclear Threat Initiative.
Program on General Disarmament [Univ of Maryland].
Programme for Promoting Nuclear Non-Proliferation [Southampton] Mountbatten Centre for International Studies, University of Southampton
SIPRI [Stockholm]: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. SIPRI Yearbook.
The Henry L. Stimson Center [Washington].
Union of Concerned Scientists [Cambridge, Massachusetts] especially on missile defense and nuclear policy.
United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research [UNIDIR] [Geneva] Disarmament Forum [UNIDIR].
1st H-Bomb Test [1952]
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 • US-Russian nuclear weapon treaty text [24 May 2002].

 • 2001 Archive    Note that 2001 and 2002 entries have been archived. New texts and references will be added to this page.

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1st H-Bomb Test [1952]


The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has issued a report assessing claims and evidence concerning “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. It incorporates a number of key documents, and excerpts from documents.
Joseph Cirincione, Jessica T. Mathews and George Perkovich, WMD in Iraq: Evidence and Implications January 2004.[pdf] WMD

American Physical Society. Study Group on Boost-Phase Intercept Systems for National Missile Defense. Report. 15 July 2003:
NMDBoost-Phase Intercept Systems for National Missile Defense: Scientific and Technical Issues, 2003.07.15. [pdf]

Decoy discrimination in US missile defense tests is the subject of two US General Accounting Office reports issued on 28 February 2002:
“Missile Defense: Review of Allegations About an Early National Missile Defense Flight Test,” GAO-02-125; and “Missile Defense: Review of Results and Limitations of an Early National Missile Defense Flight Test,” GAO-02-124.
These reports concern issues raised by Dr. Nira Schwartz and Professor Theodore Postol. The second item includes the text of a 12 June 2001 GAO report on DoD challenges to Professor Postol’s handling of material alleged to be classified.

Image In January 2002 CDRPC published Bruno Barrillot’s
L’Héritage de la bombe. Polynésie/Sahara: 1960-2002

on effects of the French nuclear tests.

On 8 November 2001 the National Security Archive posted Electronic Briefing Book No. 60:
The Secret History of the ABM Treaty, 1969-1972,
edited by William Burr, containing the texts of a number of revelatory documents of the period.

BASIC posted [November 2001] the Research Report
Secrecy and Dependence: The UK Trident System in the 21st Century

NRDC has posted, and issued in hard copy in July 2001,
The U.S. Nuclear War Plan: A Time for Change,
addressing the SIOP. It incorporates results of an ingenious NRDC simulation of the effects of nuclear attacks.

CNS issued this report by Tariq Rauf on 2001.05.11:
Towards NPT 2005: An Action Plan for the ‘13-Steps’ Towards Nuclear Disarmament Agreed at NPT 2000.

The Global Collaborative on
Denuclearization Design
 supports ongoing teaching and research of participants in the Global Collaborative on Denuclearization Design <GC.DD>, a voluntary research group whose members work within and outside the academy.

This page is ‘open’ for additions and changes until the end of the month, when it is archived and a new page opened.

Please direct inquiries, comments, and suggested additions to

Editorial Committee

Convenor and Director of Studies: Bruce D. Larkin
Executive Editor: G. Allen Greb
Technologies Assessment: Alec Stefansky

Santa Cruz Project Collaborators:
Research: Elyse Poppers
Information Technology: Rogan Lynch

2001.09.15: Bruce D. Larkin, “Contrary Maxims: Can We Live With Anarcho- Unilateralism?”.
2001.09.26: Bruce D. Larkin, “ Nuclear Weapons and GW Bush’s ‘War on Terrorism’”.

2002.10.21, 2002.12.08: Bruce D. Larkin, “Iraq: Go to War? and the Nuclear Question”.
2003.11.11: Bruce D. Larkin, “ The Iraq War of 2003 and the Politics of Denuclearization”.
2001.01.11: Report of the Commission to Assess United States National Security, Space Management, and Organization [Rumsfeld Commission 2001][pdf]
2001.05.02: George W. Bush Speech at NDU on Missile Defense
2001.06.08: French President Jacques Chirac’s remarks on French defense and nuclear policy, delivered to the IHEDN. Or you may read a version with highlighting by GC.DD to signal key remarks relevant to denuclearization [in pdf format].
2001.07.12: Paul Wolfowitz Testimony on NMD. And in pdf format.
2001.07.12: Lieutenant General Ronald T. Kadish, USAF, Director, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, Testimony on NMD [in pdf format].
2001.07.16: Sino-Russian Treaty, 16 July 2001 in a side-by-side Chinese and English version (which requires a browser which can display Chinese simplified characters). Or consult the English version.
2001.10.11: GW Bush Press Conference, 11 October 2001. Or consult a version with GC.DD markup highlighting comments on nuclear issues.
2002.01.09: Special Briefing on the Nuclear Posture Review. [Presenter: J. D. Crouch, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs.]
2002.04.29:United Kingdom. The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.“Strengthening the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention: Countering the Threat from Biological Weapons,”. [pdf document].
2002.05.24: “Treaty Between the United States of America and the Russian Federation on Strategic Offensive Reductions”. [Treaty of Moscow]
2003.12.03: The document “China’s Non-Proliferation Policy and Measures” was issued by the People’s Republic of China on 3 December 2003. Three versions [PDF documents] are available on this site, in the directory, and an html version is included in the entry page at GC.DD=2003.12.26.html.

[1] English:
[2] Chinese:
[3] Chinese and English, paragraph by paragraph: TX.030=2003.12.03.China.C+E.pdf

1996.09.19: White House. National Science and Technology Council. “Fact Sheet: National Space Policy”. This document stipulates that “Consistent with treaty obligations, the United States will develop, operate and maintain
space control capabilities
to ensure freedom of action in space and, if directed, deny such freedom of action to adversaries.”
1983.03.23: Ronald Reagan 23 March 1983 “Star Wars” speech
1945: Documents on the Decision to Use Atomic Bombs on the Cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. [Gene Dannen’s site.]
1st H-Bomb Test [1952]