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• date: 13 Nov 2001.

DOCUMENT [2001.11.13]

Valdimir Putin and GW Bush, Press Conference,2001.11.13 [Excerpts]
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Valdimir Putin and GW Bush,
Press Conference,
2001.11.13 [Excerpts]

Excerpts on reductions in strategic nuclear forces and the ABM Treaty


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The current levels of our nuclear forces do not reflect today's strategic realities. I have informed President Putin that the United States will reduce our operationally deployed strategic nuclear warheads to a level between 1,700 and 2,200 over the next decade, a level fully consistent with American security.

Russia and the United States have also had vast discussions about our defensive capabilities, the ability to defend ourselves as we head into the 21st century. We have different points of view about the ABM Treaty, and we will continue dialogue and discussions about the ABM Treaty, so that we may be able to develop a new strategic framework that enables both of us to meet the true threats of the 21st century as partners and friends, not as adversaries.

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We discussed in detail our dialogue related to strategic offensive and defensive weapons. Here, we managed to achieve certain progress. First of all, it has to do with the prospects of reaching a reliable and verifiable agreement on further reductions of the U.S. and Russian weapons.

Here I must say, we appreciate very much the decision by the President to reduce strategic offensive weapons to the limits indicated by him. And we, for our part, will try to respond in kind.

On the issues of missile defense, the position of Russia remains unchanged. And we agreed to continue a dialogue and consultations on this. I believe that it's too early now to draw the line under the discussions of these issues, and we will have an opportunity to continue the work on this -- one of the very difficult issues at the Crawford ranch.

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