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Agence France Presse reported remarks of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, speaking in Seoul:

“Some say nuclear disarmament is utopian… I say the illusion is that nuclear weapons provide security,””Ban said . . .
Stressing the inability of nuclear weapons to defend against the threats of crime, terror and disease, the secretary general argued that their inherently “destabilising” presence was unwarranted in the post-Cold War era.

“How, then, do we explain that… amidst a global financial crisis, the nuclear-weapon states seem intent on modernising their arsenals for decades to come?

“And more broadly, how can we justify global military spending that last year was twice as much in a day as the UN spent on all its activities the whole year?” he said.

•  Agence France Presse, Express Tribune [Pakistan], 2012.10.29.

1st H-Bomb Test [1952]

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